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Why Blog?

It amazes me that something so natural to us, is intriguing to others. Farming has always been a part of my life, in one way or another. All but six years of my life have been on a farm. My parents always grew what we ate. Momma preserved all things. Daddy's gardening skills were always on point. He enjoyed growing new things and always tried growing the hottest pepper known to man.

As an adult, I felt it crucial to make sure my children knew where there food came from, valued hard work and maintained a good work ethic. Growing our food was just what we did.

Today's consumers want to know where there food comes from, our way of life, our traditions, are of significant interest to consumers. From this, Faith Acres Farm was born. Don't know why, but while living the farm life was a way of life for us, did we not see, this is a business. An agribusiness to be exact. And, with this vision we also know how important it is to make sure we educate.

So, in addition to all our other silliness with social media, our website, this blog is born. I hope I can bring a little joy to your day. I will share stories, pictures, experiences, and hopefully impart a bit of wisdom. But, most of all, I hope I make you smile.

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