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Autumn Warmth

The wind is blowing in a seasonal change. The trees are “taking on color” as my momma use to say. The colors of fall are warm and remind me that now is the season of giving thanks for the year’s summer harvest. As the days get shorter, summer warmth will give way to a chill in the morning and at nightfall. But with each passing season, new blessings arise. We adapt. The greens are growing, radishes and carrots sprout up. We sow cover crops in the fields and plant the high tunnels and greenhouse in Cole crops. Kraut is in the crock, the pickles are made, jellies and jams line the shelves, time to dry herbs and the plan the next batch of goods. Pumpkins and apples bring the aroma of fresh baked pies in the kitchen and the mums shine in all their glorious color. Autumn is near and the sound of the leaves crunching under my feet are the sounds of this new season.

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