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Come visit us at Faith Acres Farm and take in all we have to offer. Visit a spell to soak up some real agricultural enthusiasm. We have a passion for our Farm Mission of sharing what we know and here on the farm, there's always something growin' on. 



We are a family owned and operated farm steeped in the tradition of providing healthy, fresh products directly to our consumers. All plants started from seed right here on the farm. Selections geared toward the discriminating chef. 

We have a Farm Store right here on the farm that you can visit during our seasonal hours (please check our Facebook Page for the most up to date hours). Grab up some fresh from the field veggies and fresh and dried herbs, sure to please the most particular chef. We have herbal varieties available that are perfect for herbal tea lovers.

Don't forget to check out or delicious jams, jellies, pickles, salsa, relishes, and more, all made from our surplus fruits and veggies. Perfect for gift giving. 


Our flowers are beautiful in the fields, but we take pride in drying our florals and create unique dried floral art, wreaths, swags, decor brooms, ornaments and wall art. They are dried to perfection and will provide you with years of blooming color.

Our greenhouses boast plants all year long, from the early veggie, herb and flower plants, planters and hanging baskets in the spring to the mums in the fall. Always something growing!


Fresh eggs produced by our free-range hens raised right here on the farm. We fence the chickens out of what we don't want them in, so they have free run of the place. Our eggs are tops! Promise you won't go back to the store after trying our fresh gifts from our hens. 


Another family tradition is our maple syrup.  Our trees are tapped and cooked in our sugar shack and provide a maple syrup that will surpass your expectations.  A true local favorite. 

A true multi-purpose benefit to our farm are our bees.  We utilize our bees to pollinate our crops as well as produce high quality honey to our consumers.

Come stay on the farm at our beautiful cabin in the woods. Overnight stays, or extended stays are available. Please see the Cabin in the Woods tab.

Always learning is a common theme here on the farm, so we frequently will offer workshops to share our knowledge. Always focused on growth, we offer classes geared toward our herbs, medicinal and culinary, and meditation provided by a licensed therapist. Healing with foods, healthy growth, and stress relief are just some of the topics. We also will offer craft classes utilizing our floral varieties. Each class offers something beautiful and fun to take home. 

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